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My work is about exploring the beauty that surrounds us everyday, yet often goes unnoticed.

Sometimes my work requires going out-of-your-way to experience, such as forgotten ruins in the desert or a deteriorating mission chapel. But often my subjects are small and easily overlooked. Consider, if you will, the intricate beauty in a mature flower petal or the simple elegance of a hand tool.

The human form is also an important theme for me. My approach is an exploration of beauty based on an artistic collaboration with everyday people, not professional models. People like you.

The Lonely Places is my most recent project, Using large format cameras, it explores the beauty created when nature takes back the things that Man has left behind.

My artistic voice is rooted in classical techniques and the images you see here are created on film and hand printed in my darkroom on silver papers. Prints are available for purchase (my work is in both private collections and the permanent collection of the National Steinbeck Center). I also teach private and small group workshops and especially enjoy working with beginners who want to become better photographers.

Welcome! ~Jeff

With over twenty years experience in classical “wet” photographic techniques, my artistic voice is deeply rooted in the in-camera negative and hand-made silver print. I believe the medium influences the artist and how you must do your work is a key driver in your approach to the creative process. The careful and deliberate methods that are an integral part of classical photography are well suited to my artistic style.

Of my still life series titled “Modern Artifacts,” Artweek wrote:

"(Jeff Klingler ) takes individual utensils such as a fork, a pair of chopsticks, a Chinese soupspoon and a drill bit, and lights and photographs them as though they were the most precious of our cultural artifacts… Carefully modulated light, extreme value contrasts and trained eye transform the ordinary into elegant objects." ( Artweek, December2004/January 2005).

All of my work is hand printed in my darkroom on gelatin silver papers. I believe the craftsmanship demanded by the hand-made print makes the difference between simply having an image and having a unique piece of artwork.

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