• Big Sky
  • Concrete Stairs
  • End Of The Road
  • Fence Corner
  • Gold Hill Graveyard
  • Gravsite Sunrise
  • Keep Out
  • Lonely
  • Lonely Grave
  • Lonely Road
  • Marietta Store Wall
  • Nobody Home
  • Mill Wall
  • Nowhere To Go
  • Pillars
  • Remote
  • Shop Window
  • Stone House Valley
  • Strong
  • Telephone Pole
  • The Cathedral
  • The Lonely Room
  • Toll House Window
  • Window

The Lonely Places is about Nature taking back.

It is a study of the transition from "Man-Made-Artifact" to "Object-of-Nature" & and the artistic forms created in that process.

For anything that man creates, Nature will reclaim if man neglects it. Alone and unattended, man-made forms begin taking on a "natural" appearance; colors become muted, sharp edges round away, straight lines bend, and the harsh and rigid becomes soft, fragile, and broken.

The diminishment of man's presence gives objects and the places where they reside a lonely quality. Sometimes it is the place itself that conveys the loneliness, such as remote mountains or desert landscapes. Other times it is the sense of neglect that strikes a lonely chord.

The Lonely Places has its roots in the High Desert, for nowhere is this process of Nature taking back more apparent than in the desert. One senses the loneliness most acutely in the abandoned desert towns. Once alive, dynamic, and rich in dreams, the remains of these places call the viewer to ask, "Where did they go?" "What happened to their dreams?" And for the more reflective viewer, "Am I as fleeting and temporary too?"

All of the images in this project are done with a large format camera and are contact printed.

About the Artist