Workshops are a great way to accelerate your learning and rapidly improve your photography skills. Unfortunately, large group workshops are a difficult environment for beginners as it is easy to get lost in the crowd. And more complex topics require a lot of hands-on experience, something that is simply not practical in a large group setting.

These are some of the reasons why I offer small group and individual workshops. I particularly enjoy working with beginners and believe personalized attention, an emphasis on customizing material to the individual, and tailored feedback goes a long way in improving one�s skills and abilities.

Photography is my passion and I look forward to sharing with you my learnings from 20+ years experience. I invite you to browse my offerings. If you have a particular interest, let me know.

Beginner�s Photography Workshop

An intensive 1-day workshop for individuals and small groups

If you want to take better pictures, odds are you do not need to spend a lot of money on the �latest and greatest� technology. The key is to understand the fundamentals. It does not matter whether you are using film or digital, how fancy the camera may be, or how sophisticated the software - the fundamentals of good photography are always the same.

Fundamentals are the essence of the Beginner�s Photography Workshop. A solid foundation is always the basis for success in any field and photography is no different. You probably already know more than you realize. I start by understanding where you are and then we build on your strengths.

This workshop can be done in the home, in the field, in a small group setting, or in my studio. Both full day and half day workshops can be arranged.

Send me an Email, add �Beginner�s Workshop� in the subject line and let�s get started.

Fine Art Figure Photography Workshop

An intensive 2-day workshop featuring the Photographic Artists from The Shawl Project

This is an advanced workshop that I teach in collaboration with photographer Ginni Savalli.

Figure workshops are typically crowded, forcing you to compete for limited time to work with the model. They use predetermined sets that you have little or no control over and do not take into consideration the unique experience level of each student. Our workshop overcomes these limitations to learning by:

Limited class size, no more than three students (private workshops are available);

The workshop begins with a review of your work and clarifying your strengths and improvement opportunities;

The second day is devoted to working with a model, with an emphasis on the model as an artistic collaborator;

You set-up several different sets, allowing you to explore lighting techniques and learn how to craft images that are the beginning of your Figure Portfolio.

This workshop is held at my studio. You should be comfortable and well versed with your camera to take this workshop. Experienced beginners and intermediate level photographers who want to learn the art and craft of nude figure work are welcome to attend.

Please send me an Email and put �Figure Workshop� in the subject line.

Five Tips for Taking Better Pictures

A free and fun evening program for beginners

Everyone wants to take better pictures! That would make a great topic for your club or organization�s next meeting.

I offer a short program that presents 5-easy tips to take better pictures. Beginning photographers are the target audience so the material is short on technical jargon and long on practical ideas and tips. The approach is casual and fun while learning to take better pictures.

The program is free but openings are limited. Please send me an Email and enter �Free Program� in the subject line.